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It was a pleasure working with financial advisor expert Jerry Matecun on the redesign of his WordPress website. He had been through numerous web developers after several bad experiences and was finally looking for a true web design partner and professional to help him redesing his site and make it easier to update and manage.

We were able to take what he had to a whole other level by redesigning the website, setting up templates to make it easier for him to blog and fully empowering him to take control of his website and online presence for the long run. Love having the opportunity to give clients a great web design experience after several duds!

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Jerry Matecun

I've worked with 4 different developers over the past 5 years. One was a good designer, but had limited customization skills; one was terrible and about drove me nuts; and one was good but couldn't work with my Divi theme. Josh and Jonathan lived up to the "awesome websites" tagline on their site. Competent, courteous, and thorough throughout the project. They did some very nice design work and put some real thought into how to organize the site so its easy to navigate. And of equal importance, the process has been thought out so it's easy on the user from start to finish.

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January 4, 2019