What makes In Transit Studio who we are.

Our Mission

We exist to leverage success in the marketplace to honor God, others, and our team.

Our Company Core Values

Guide Us

1 – God’s Opinion First: You don’t have to believe what we believe, but you do need to accept that we believe and operate based on a Biblical code of morality and business ethics. 

2 – Respect Everyone: As long as we agree to honor commitments, boundaries, and opinions; we will thrive.

3 – Consider the 3rd Option: There is always a 3rd option other than “yes” or “no”.  When we spend the time looking for that 3rd option, we will discover creativity and new solutions to old problems.

4 – We do LESS with MORE: This ensures we do what we do with excellence. What’s better, a 20-page website that makes no money for a client, or a 10-page website that earns thousands of dollars a day?  What’s better, a social media post a day so we can say we post to social media every day or 2 posts per week that compel people to take action?

5 – Have Fun: Life is too short not to enjoy every day.  We take our work seriously, we just don’t take ourselves too seriously!


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