What if your website’s maintenance and hosting plan had someone proactively looking at your metrics monthly?  What if that person then gave you personalized recommendations each quarter on how you could improve your website’s ranking and conversion rate?  Well, now you can.

Our new STUDIO+ Membership is so powerful and provides such an improvement in the amount of customer activity a website generates, that we now include one year of the service with every new Marketing Hub site we build.

Our current Foundations Care Plan is a “reactive” plan.  We do work each month on every site on our Foundations Plan, we monitor for security issues, and we send a monthly report recapping what we have done.  And, if a website owner needs anything, they can reach out to us.

With STUDIO+ Membership, we are “proactive” on behalf of the website owner.  Instead of waiting for them to contact us if there is an issue with customer activity, we look at these numbers every month and we take action if their website’s activity starts to drop or even stay stagnate.

Then, once a quarter we schedule a Quarterly Strategy Review (a QSR) with the website owner.  We show up to this meeting with suggestions on what we think should be done to improve the website’s performance.  If the website owner agrees, we implement the suggestion, monitor it’s impact, and report back to the website owner.

On our basic Foundations Care Plan, the monthly report is auto-generated…it’s totally up to the website owner to notice issues related to customer activity on the website and ask for help.  On STUDIO+ Membership, every monthly report is manually created. This way a professional digital marketer is looking at current numbers compared to past performance numbers and taking action for the business owner’s website.

The old way of maintenance and hosting is broken.  The new way fixes it.  The new way brings proactive professional analytics intreptation and combines it with the power of real-time strategic marketing recommendations.

Want to know more?  Check out our FAQ section on our STUDIO+ Membership page.