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Visit the brand new Skate America & Family Fun Center Website

When I grew up, I skated at Skate America Rink & Family Fun Center more times than I could count. Even lost a tooth on that floor at one point 🙂 So when they came to us looking for a website redesign, I was extra excited to help bring their website to the modern age as I’m pretty sure they hadn’t updated their site since I skated there back in middle school 🙂

Aside from the obvious design overhaul and mobile optimization, we worked with them to find out their primary goals for the website. Talked about their demographics and what customers were looking for when they went to the website. We discovered that most people went to the site to get information about events, content them or book a party so we were able to craft the new website around those main CTA’s (call to actions) and give them a new, fresh, engaging, modern web presence!

A big part to this project was also admin and team administration within the site. They wanted to manage events, edit and manage contact forms, edit and revise content and images on pages, etc so we did some extensive work on the backend to make it a fun and pleasing experience when editing and updating the new site. We talked from the outset about wanting to make it an enjoyable experience when updating the new site and that’s exactly what we strived to do by offering advanced training and customized tutorial videos on the backend of the site so they felt completely empowered with the new site before launch.

Take a look at the before and after below and you’ll see why both parties were EXTRA excited to launch the new Skate America website! – Josh



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August 1, 2019