Are you looking to start, build and grow your own web design business?

Our Founder Josh Hall put his decade of experience from being a web design freelancer to scaling a small team (which was the basis of our web design agency here at In Transit Studios) into his Web Design Business Course.

In this online video course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a successful web design business of your own.

This course includes:

  • Advice on the essential tools you need to run your design business
  • Ready-to-use (or edit) templates for web design proposals, business contracts, and invoicing
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and checklists for the client journey, from start to finish
  • Sales, marketing, lead gen and conversion advice specifically targeted to the needs of web designers, which will help you find (and land) better clients and better projects
  • Information on pricing web design projects, including how to raise your rates, boost your profits, and begin building recurring income streams
  • Client onboarding, project management and offboarding templates
  • Concrete, actionable advice on how to craft your web design business website and package up your services and offerings
  • A full business WordPress child theme, editable and made with the Divi theme by Elegant Themes
  • Additional training in the form of Josh’s personal webinars for landing bigger projects
  • Access to Josh through his private online Student Center, which includes monthly Q&As directly with him, and a discussion forum for this course where you can meet and network with current students and Alumni of the course
  • …. and much more.

A lot of people want to find free downloads or freebies to help them set up their web design business, but free content and YouTube tutorials will only get you so far.

If you want to be a professional web designer (fast!) then investing in online courses created by someone who has done it before gives you a proven path to follow.

The quickest way to start, build and grow your web design business to 6-figures and beyond is by joining Josh Hall’s Web Design Business Course.

Need a taster? Download Josh’s Free 10-Step Action Plan available here, listen to his podcast, or access his tutorials and other resources at