In Transit Studios Blog has launched!

Tired of the sleepless nights? Constantly waiting up, just wondering when I would put my knowledge and experience thus far into a helpful blog format? Well, I’m pleased to announce that the In Transit Studios blog has launched!

In all seriousness, I’m very excited to kick this off. I’ll be sharing some ideas, tools and helpful tips that I’ve learned in the almost 5 years that I’ve built and operated In Transit Studios. My goal with this blog is to put down into writing some of the very crucial things I’ve learned, past and present. My honest hope is that these topics and information will resonate with not just designers or web developers, but business owners and people in all industries.

It’s been on my mind for some time now to launch something with rich, real world information and experience that is much more than something you’d find in a business book or do-it-yourself manual. This is something that I would’ve valued tremendously when I started my business. I hope this turns into something that is well received, respected and counted on as a continual source of thought provoking, inspirational topics.

So – with my inspirational speech coming to a close, let’s talk details:


Who is this blog for? You. You the graphic designer. You the website developer. You the small business owner. You the stay-at-home mom. You the employee who’s been in the workforce for years and is eager to advance and learn. You the college student who is terrified and wondering what to do next. You. Though I’m a designer and developer, this blog is meant for everyone and I hope that it will be applicable to everyone.


The topics discussed for the foreseeable future will mostly fall into 3 categories;

  1. Business (tips, tricks, lessons learned, etc)
  2. Technology (tools, tutorials, best practices, etc)
  3. Personal Development (how to’s, inspiration, productivity, etc)


Every week for the time being. This is a discipline that I’ve been putting off but one that I hope to gain from just as much as you as a reader.


To help. To inspire. To connect. When I started, I had a couple of people who helped get me plugged into the design industry, but for the most part, I had to learn the hard way. This blog is meant to be a tool to help those interested in business, design and in several areas of life. I am by no means an expert. I’m early in my career and have a long way to go, but I’ve learned so much in 5 years that I have to get down into writing and share to those who have an ear to hear and a spirit to learn. As I grow in my position and industry, I’m excited to share what I learn!

So, you may rest easy knowing that the In Transit Studios blog has officially launched! Let’s learn, grow and connect together!

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