Struggling hiring the right staff?  Tired of getting applicants from people who aren’t even kind of the right fit?  Here are some ideas to help turn your staff recruitment headaches into a dream team come true.

First, when you hire; focus on hiring these three things in this order.

  1. The Character of the person.
  2. Chemistry with the culture of the current team.
  3. Competency and willingness to learn your way of doing things.

After all, you can’t train character into someone and you can’t make people get along.  Most employers I know however look first at skill level.  The problem with focusing on skill level is that skills are the easiest of the three to teach someone.

The Top Things Your Website’s Staff Recruitment Page Should Have to Help You Recruit and Hire Staff to get you your Dream Team.

1. Show What You Stand For

People today want to know their efforts mean something.  Share your mission first and foremost.  And, if you support any nonprofits make sure you share this.

2. Be More About Them and Less About You. (Focus Primarily on Your Culture)

To be blunt, during this first step in the job hunt most people don’t care if you or your grandparents or someone else started the company.  They care about them.  They have bills to pay.  They have dreams and wishes to fund.  You have the money they want and need to do these things.  And they want to make sure they are going to enjoy trading their time for your money.

3. Address Hard Benefits, Dwell on Soft Benefits

Hard benefits include things like wages, health care, memberships to Costco, savings on cellphone plans, etc.  Soft benefits include things like the monthly staff outing, training and skills they get that go beyond the actual job duties, can they work remotely, etc.

4. Clarify Expectations

People want to know exactly what they are getting into.  No one likes to be surprised to find you they have to work a major holiday.

5. Overcome Objections

What keeps people from working for you?  What misconceptions are out there?  Go ahead and address them.  For example, if you are a coffee shop someone might be thinking; “but I don’t know how to make those fancy designs on top of a coffee.”  So go ahead and share what you’ll be training on.

6. Highlight Reviews From Customers/Clients (don’t use testimonials)

Reviews are key to your business success these days.  And that’s true in staff recruitment.  Prospective employees will be seeing your reviews online.  If you have bad, no, or few reviews that are going to hurt you in recruiting high-caliber staff.  This is one of the benefits of using a reputation management service like our ReviewLEAD.

7. A video of Your Team. (15 to 30 seconds Think Instagram Reels)

This is your opportunity to showcase your culture through video.  Talk about and highlight the kind of people that do well working for you?  Keep this super short.  And, if you have anyone on your team that loves Instagram Reels, ask them to help you make a reel about your company culture.

Bonus Tip: If you have your team talk in the video.  Have them invite people to apply.  Ask them not to say “come work with us.”.  This is too big of a leap.  Your goal with this page is to get people to take the next logical step; which is to submit a simple form to begin the application process.

8. Present a 3 Step SIMPLE Application Process

After you demonstrate your culture, overcome objections, and intrigue people with your new or upgraded staff recruitment page; get them to contact you right away AND make it easy.

Now, this is also a perfect chance to weed out lazy people.  In fact, this is the time to put an end to chasing people.  Here are the three steps:

  1. Have a very short form on this page.  Ask for name, email, and up to 2 qualifier questions.  For example, maybe you are hiring truck drivers.  So you might want to ask, “Do you already have a CDL?”  Or, maybe you are a barbershop.  You’ll want to ask “have you passed your state exam?”
  2. After they submit the form send them an email and tell them in order to finish the process of expressing interest they need to click on the link in the email and schedule a 15-minute “culture” interview using a tool like Calendly.   This first interview IS NOT where you ask them about their experience.  It’s an interview where you find out if they want to work for you and if they have the chemistry and character to fit into your culture.  If all goes well, you end this 15-minute interview by scheduling a full interview.  A culture interview is where you ask them questions like:
    1. Tell me a bit about yourself.
    2. What do you want out of life?
    3. How will this job play a role in that?
  3. Finally, you let them call you at the scheduled time.  DON’T GO CHASING THEM.  This will help give you an indication if they are dependable, can keep a commitment, and overall if they can handle some simple tasks, like keeping an appointment.

9. Customize the Thank You Page

After the form is submitted on the site, you have one more opportunity to cast a vision for your company and present your culture.  Avoid the temptation to just use the standard “Thank You For Your Form Submission” success message.  Instead, create a custom thank you page with a video if you are so bold.  Encourage them to check their email for their next step.

10. Add the Facebook Pixel

Having the Facebook pixel on your website will allow you to do some advanced Facebook targetting and retargeting ads to build a comprehensive recruitment campaign.

What To Do AFTER You Have An Optimized Staff Hiring Page Added To Your Site


Okay, you know enough to know that now you have to promote this page.

There are several options here.  Use as many as you can, and let me know what other ideas you come up with.

  1. Use your social media.
  2. Create a leverage a Pay Per Click campaign.
  3. Leverage staff recruitment sites like indeed.  Just make sure you require people to use your new scheduler and have thems schedule their own 15-minute culture interview.

When you hire us to create this page for you when it launches we will provide you with a list of 12 ideas to promote your new staff recruitment page.


What To Do If You Need Help Building This Page or Getting People To This Page


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