Bonus Online Marketing Mistake to Avoid for Freelancers

Not Keeping In Touch

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For freelancers, I think it’s important to avoid the mistake of “not keeping in touch with clients.


Too many freelancers I know do nothing to follow up with clients after a project is complete.


Down the road, let’s say you decide to offer a new service?  Or, let’s say you want to offer to do a redesign 3 to 5 years after the first project.  It’s a bit “cold” to just reach out after so much time and say “hey, give me more money.”


Send at least 1 email per month.  And, these can be pretty much the same 12.


In fact, let me help you get started.


Let’s develop a monthly email calendar.


January – Send an email to all your past clients talking about how their website can help hit new goals for the new year.  Everyone is thinking about goal setting.

February – It’s Valentine’s Day.  So, send an email that asks “Do You Still Love Your Website…”.  Or, you can send the email “4 Ways to Get More Love (aka traffic) to Your Website This Year.”

March – It’s Earth Day in March.  Why not send your past clients an email “4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day on Your Website.”


See what I’m doing?  You can do this!  Write down each month of the year and find 1 universal thing for that day.


Now, use a tool like MailChimp and create 12 emails to send on a specific date to everyone on your list.  Bam, marketing for one year done.



Let me know if you have any question.





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