Bonus Online Marketing Mistake to Avoid for Businessess

Trying The Wrong Things

Without asking, I already know you aren’t a fan of wasting money.

None of us are.

But in marketing, do you ever feel like you are gambling?

Digital marketing can be a safe bet.

You just have to be ready to play the long game.

Yes, you can increase the odds at first with pay-per-click, but in the long run; the house always win.

BTW, I have never gambled in my life…I have no idea why I started using all these gambling metaphors, I think it’s time to fold on these puns.

SO, I have worked with several businesses that have tried all kinds of marketing, some has worked and some hasn’t.  The problem is; they don’t know what worked.  So, they keep spending money in all the wrong places.

In digital marketing, there are just three areas to focus on to get you all the results you want.

  1. Traffic
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Conversion.

Now, in each of these areas; decide on ONE thing to spend resources on.

  1. Traffic – Start out paying for PPC, mix in a bit of social, but the entire time be developing content based on an SEO strategy.
  2. Lead Generation -This is going to require a website designed by a marketer that understands the design of a website is to highlight the words that cause people to buy.
  3. Conversion.- Focus on adding value to your prospects after they give you their email address, but just make sure you ask for the sale every chance you get.